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About Us

Enterprise Intelligence Solutions

Improving your business performance!

That’s our mission.

By streamlining best practices in your existing or new technologies, we provide our clients with The IT Branch Business Intelligence Solutions. Within our practice, we take into account all disciplines: finance, insurance, manufacturing, medical and telecommunication.

Why The IT Branch?

Glad you asked!

Think of us as a branch or an extension of your IT Department with specialties in business intelligence, financial performance, data warehousing and predictive analysis. We customize our services to meet your needs by providing ad hoc consulting services at a friendly hourly rate. We're here to augment and enhance your existing IT Department at a price you can afford.

The IT Branch (ITB) Business Intelligence Solutions

  • ITB is equipped to anticipate and respond to the respective markets of our clients faster, more efficiently and more accurately.
  • We help each client integrate with their customers, suppliers, partners and employees, so they may access and analyze critical information, in real time.
  • ITB Solutions utilizes reporting, analytics and planning to help you understand your customers and markets to uncover new opportunities. Superior systems integration, database design, development, administration and application development skills have made our ITB consulting companies in the Americas and India successful.

  • We Provide

  • Dynamic market and enterprise measures: learn, adapt and capitalize new opportunities.
  • Rapid product deployment through enhanced understanding.
  • Reduce delays, errors and costs.


Every client needs different business strategies. That’s why we take a unique approach to the planning and delivery of every solution we provide. To help clients overcome challenges and achieve business goals, we value understanding your business thoroughly. This enables us to recommend the right technology solutions.

Application Development and Management

The IT Branch strives to drive business growth of organizations by introducing innovation wherever it is needed. Be it fast to implement initiatives or exploring new channels or technologies, we help our clients in all the phases of the Application Lifecycle...

Business Intelligence

We design and deploy advanced business intelligence with high-level certifications from industry-leading business analytics and intelligence vendors including IBM, Informatica, Microsoft, Oracle, and Varicent — and we get results...

Data Warehousing

Our enterprise-class data warehousing solutions support strategic decision-making processes . We focus on your business objectives...

Predictive Analytics

For 40+ years, organizations world-wide have realized significant value through the use of the rapid prototyping capabilities made possible by advanced analytic technologies...

Financial Performing

Financial performance management is based on decades of experience and understanding of the challenges facing the financial world. We specialize in creating integrated solutions...

Remote Infrastructure Management

ITB’s Remote Infrastructure Management Services (RIMS) is a modern and well integrated model that is reliable and adds accuracy and value to business operations. We identify that a robust IT infrastructure can drive the speed and efficiency of solution delivery, in addition to improving the overall business performance...


For the last 20 years, we spearheaded customized solutions for a variety of industries and verticals to address unique business challenges. Utilizing our vast familiarity with business analytics, we work with your team to identify operational inefficiencies, unlock customer behavior insights and empower decision-makers with actionable data.


With years of experience in retail, we know our way around the needs and demands of your world – be it wholesale, brick-and-mortar, outlet, or e-commerce...


Our approach to financial performance management is based on decades of experience and a thorough understanding of financial challenges today. We specialize in creating an integrated solution...


Competition is fierce in the manufacturing industry. Margins are shrinking. Owners are scrambling to find an upper-hand in a global economic environment. We’re here to help you create a sustainable advantage...


Those who lead the way are known for agility. Are you ready for new shifts in customer behaviors and trends? What if you could proactively forecast and anticipate trending in advance?...